Verified Commit b083279a authored by Peter van der meulen's avatar Peter van der meulen
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Remove strftime from sources

parent 034bc0cf
......@@ -13180,11 +13180,6 @@ stream-shift@^1.0.0:
resolved ""
integrity sha512-AiisoFqQ0vbGcZgQPY1cdP2I76glaVA/RauYR4G4thNFgkTqr90yXTo4LYX60Jl+sIlPNHHdGSwo01AvbKUSVQ==
version "0.9.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha1-vMooYfKUVtNyqvaheBHIvG859YM=
version "1.1.0"
resolved ""
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